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General Tax-efficient Investing: Part 2 Advisor Group speaks to a number of tax experts to reveal the secrets of tax-efficient investing. In this lesson, we examine the risks behind certain tax-efficient investments, the updates to the flow-through shares legislation, the issues with foreign taxes, and the mechanics of Systemic Withdrawal Plans and Return of Capital distributions. After learning these concepts, advisors will be better equipped to help their clients invest tax efficiently. launches An in-depth look at ETFs, Part 1

General An in-depth look at ETFs, Part 1 ETF experts Mark Yamada and Ioulia Tretiakova examine the tax implications of ETFs, the role of ETFs in actively managed portfolios, and the issues surrounding synthetic ETFs. After understanding these concepts, advisors will be better equipped to use ETFs in client portfolios.

The Great Fee Debate - Advisors Edge Articles

Recent articles in the Advisor's Edge Report publication have caused quite a stir, and we love a good debate!

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The Importance of REITS: U.S., Canadian and International

Are U.S. REITs making a comeback? After a few tumultuous years, REITs have been gaining strength as seen by strong returns and growth in assets under management. 

This information-packed webinar explores how and why REIT and property index performance and exposures have differed across U.S., Canada and international markets. Speakers include:

David Blitzer - Managing Director, Index Committee Chairman
S&P Dow Jones Indices

Michael McClary - Chief Investment Officer
ValMark Advisers, Inc.

Mark Yamada
- President & CEO
P?R Investing, Inc.


Michael Orzano - Product Manager, Global Equities
S&P Dow Jones Indices

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